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Tip: Unity - C# - Fix 'Application.LoadLevel(string)' is obsolete: 'Use SceneManager.LoadScene'

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Sometimes, warnings should just be warnings. Treating warnings as errors can be very helpful – in most cases. Recently, I needed to add a new method to a code base. This new method made another method obsolete, so I marked the old method with the Obsolete attribute to encourage consumers of this code to switch to.

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Gets a Boolean value indicating whether the compiler will treat usage of the obsolete program element as an error. As Obsolete. [ObsoleteAttribute. warning.

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I'm using the Obsolete attribute (as just suggested by fellow programmers) to show a warning if a certain method is used. Is there a way to suppress the warning.

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I found a solution for this problem by adding 2 lines of codes to whereever the obsolete method was referenced. #pragma warning disable 618. and then after.

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Jul 20, 2015. In this article. To correct this error; Example. Obsolete member 'memberA' overrides non-obsolete member 'memberB'. Typically, a member that is marked as obsolete should not override a member that is not marked as obsolete. This warning is generated in Visual Studio 2008 but not in Visual Studio 2005.

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Mar 11, 2011. Use this to disable the corresponding warnings just before the offending line: # pragma warning disable 612, 618. And reenable the warnings after it: #pragma warning restore 612, 618. Curiously enough, there're 2 warnings related to this: CS0612 and CS0618 – one is for [Obsolete] and the other for.

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May 15, 2012. Following works for me: #pragma warning disable 612,618 request. CommandLineArguments = arguments; #pragma warning restore 612,618. notice no leading 0 in the numbers. EDIT: Okay, your assembly has the "true" argument in the ObsoleteAttribute constructor. This means you can't use the property.

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Disabling OBSOLETE error in C#. Unfortunately this is not showing up as a 'Warning as Error', in fact Treat Warning's As Error's is turned off in my project.

Jun 25, 2009. Choose the "All" option to treat all warnings as errors. You can test the option by adding the following method to any class within your code and also adding a call to this method. All calls to obsolete methods cause a warning to be generated. With the warning acting as an error you will find that the code will.

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